In collaboration with BFluid Agency for Control Italia, the big italian condoms brand, we created a massive ad campaign.  The first stage it was launch with a contest “Fly if you are in love” where you could win a romantic European trip, in a capital city. The second stage it was the creation of a innovative and a big smart interactive application for Twitter which allows writing a tweet musical message: #Tweetifyouareinlove
A sincro transformation from the tweet content to digital media more an funny short animation. The app allowing to send the animation video to your friends through a social networks shared: Twitter or Facebook. You can sharing by a tweet with hashtag #ifyouareinlove your message, through this you can get a tweet notification with your video. The characters are birds, theme all famous music genres : Rock, RnB, Disco, and much more.
More than 10,000 generated videos  Over 3000 minutes of animation.

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